Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Ninth Step: It’s arrived and is now available for downloading from Amazon

I have heard other authors compare having a new book come into the world to the birth of a child, but for me, it feels more like sending a child off to their first day of school. At two different times, I left each of my sons at the kindergarten classroom door wondering what if he’s dressed wrong? What if the other children make fun of him? What if he’s missing something vital? What if no one likes him? When my second son, David, was born, Michael, his older brother, suggested quite strongly to me an hour or so after we brought David home that his visit had been long enough. I could return him to the store now, where I got him, and put him back on the shelf. I’m remembering that today, and smiling, I think: What if readers have the same reaction to my new novel? What if they just want to put it back on the shelf?

So it is with some new-mother anxiety and a lot of joy and excitement that I announce the arrival of The Ninth Step, a story of love and betrayal, of revenge and forgiveness.

Thank you readers and book lovers everywhere and thank you to Amazon Kindle and other Indie reader venues. You’ve opened the door to what seems a limitless horizon!

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