Monday, February 11, 2013

EVIDENCE OF (Celebration) LIFE

EVIDENCE OF LIFE: in a bottle!
Today, I brought home the wine, a lovely pinot gris, that my critique partner and generous friend, Joni Rodgers and her husband, Gary, made to commemorate the momentous occasion of the debut on March 26th of EVIDENCE OF LIFE. The bottles are small and labeled with the book cover artwork. Gary made the wine. Joni designed the gorgeous label, (She also sampled the wine as it was being bottled. Somebody has to!) and Jerusha, their daughter, helped to sterilize and put in the corks. It was a true family effort, and I can’t say how much it means to me to be given such a wonderful gift in honor of my book and its publication.

Winemakers: Gary & Jerusha

When Joni first proposed the idea of bottling a wine, I was intrigued and thrilled by the idea, but actually seeing the end result is something else! The bottles are so artistic and stylish, such an elegant tribute to the novel. Unique, like Joni, Jerusha and Gary, themselves. Joni says that doing this for me, to honor EVIDENCE OF LIFE, is her and her family’s way to share in the joy. I think joy was poured into each bottle, and I treasure each one and the lovely thought that went into them, along with Joni, Gary and Jerusha too. Thanks so much, you guys!! I’ve been so lucky to have the benefit of so much encouragement, enthusiasm and support from so many people who have helped to bring this dream into being. I’ll be keeping a handful of these little bottles to remember this occasion and to remind me of just how much good is in the world, and how, sometimes, when your dream comes true, it can exceed your wildest expectations. It can knock you right out of your socks. Yep, I’ll be treasuring this and finding a new pair of socks!

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