Friday, September 11, 2015

A shout out to Amazon & Lake Union & to readers everywhere!

When my wonderful agent, Barbara Poelle, and my lovely editor, Tara Parsons, let me know that CROOKED LITTLE LIES was slated to be a July pick for Kindle First, a program offered by Amazon to their Prime members where they can choose one of what was that month 4 books and download it free, I was excited. Being a Prime member myself, I was familiar with the program and knew it would mean the novel would get a lot of exposure. Kindle First is a great way to find new authors. But I never imagined, and still have trouble wrapping my head around the actual end result. Unwrapping this plaque that was sent to me by the wonderful team at Amazon/Lake Union and seeing the actual number of downloads there were in the month of July quite literally gave me goosebumps. It's incredible to think that more than 175,000 readers chose to download and read my book on their device!

Thank you can hardly begin to express my appreciation. This could never have happened without the support of so many people, Barbara, Tara, and the whole Amazon and Lake Union publishing teams. A huge shoutout to them and to all the Kindle First readers who participate in this fantastic program every month and to readers everywhere. As long as you keep reading, I, and other authors, can keep writing!

I love hearing from readers. If you read Crooked Little Lies, let me know. Let's keep in touch!

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